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Gopher Graphics has developed an enviable record of service and stability

Drawing from our experience working with a vast number of varied entities, the Gopher Group offers a high standard of graphic reproduction — both traditional and digital print and mail

About Edmund

Ed is the CEO and Sales Executive of Gopher. He has a passion for print, design and loves providing solutions for businesses. He started Gopher 15 years ago.

The Gopher Story began when Ed was working as a salesman for a magazine printing company in 1989 and having previously been active introducing publishing systems to the corporate market- banks, large corporates and public utilities- he asked the printing company owner to replace their old typesetting machine with a new “desktop publishing system”. When the owner didn’t want to go ahead, Ed offered to buy the necessary equipment himself, to employ a designer who could work in the print company office, answer the phones and look after artwork. This was agreed to and Gopher Graphics was born.

There are many companies who can do what we do, no doubt about it. But our point of difference is that we will produce and deliver the work in record time with a commitment to on time delivery wherever you are located.

So What’s next?

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